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SPYNAL013 Phadix - Connected EP

Juno exclusive:


Full release:


If there's one thing that permeates the disparate drum-n-bass multiverse of Diligent Fingers, it's a defiance of convention, and his label Spynal Records is an extension of that madcap ethos.

Phadix's "Connected" EP is the first release by Spynal that doesn't somehow feature the label boss, yet the creative energy falls right in line with Dili's eclectic outlook. "Always" kicks things off with a fresh twist on early 2000's liquid funk. The soulful vocal sample bounces along over top a steppy, break-driven beat, sprinkles of Fender Rhodes, warm pads, and electric bass stabs.

The title track, “Connected”, combines arena-romping synths with slices of choir vocals and a half time beat that would find a happy home in any DJ’s set, regardless of genre.

And “What You Think” is the kind of warm, techy, liquidy roller that you’d expect to fill the beach at Sun and Bass. Phadix’s “Connected” EP is the perfect addition to the mad tapestry that Diligent Fingers continues to weave. The drum-n-bass renaissance is in full swing, and Spynal Records is the bell weather for the movement.

Artwork by 87 Design

Mastering by Epicentre Audio Research

Press Release by The Valiant Writer


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