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About The Label.

In 2009 Diligent Fingers ( known as Logic MC and DJ/Mr Bugg at the time ) set up Spynal Records as a place for him and his musical friends to release music projects without the need or hassle of dealing with a proper record label.


Bandcamp was the perfect platform and over the last 11 years Diligent Fingers and his crews Abnoxshuz Entertainment, Black Widow Knight Fighters, Organix Hip Hop, Diggas Love and Millennium Jazz Music have all made their own mark within the UK music scene and Spynal Records has released 1 Beat Tape, 2 Albums, 4 Mixtapes, 10 EPs and 12 Singles. Ranging from Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Trap, Grime, Dubstep, Soul and Experimental Music.



After taking a break for mental health reasons, Diligent Fingers returned to the music scene with a renewed focus, releasing quality Drum & Bass music on many big labels and has been making a lot of noise since 2018, Showing his versatility as a Producer, DJ and Vocalist.

With his nearly 20 year experience working with many artists, keen ear for a great melody and groove and a heartfelt foundation built on true freedom of expression, Diligent Fingers made the decision to take Spynal Records to the next level and build the label into a place artists can truly feel comfortable to release the music they want to release. Without fear of label intervention or constraints. Music With backbone.


In 2021, Owner and Founder Diligent Fingers secured distribution via Cygnus Music to help push Spynal Records to a wider audience and give him more control over the music and how it is presented to the people most important, the supporters.


Armed with the amazing artwork of KelleeB Design and Mastering from Epicentre Audio Research, Diligent Fingers and Spynal Records look set to bring something new and refreshing.

Forward Ever, Backward Never.

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