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The Japanese word “Ekiden” originally referred to form of transport, a la the Pony Express, but found new life when reborn as relay-style athletic event.

It is perhaps fitting, then, that American production duo, R4NS0M and Brady XK, harnessed the original spirit of the classic neurofunk era to create something brand new on the latest release from Spynal Records, the “Ekiden” EP.

Opening this four-tracker is the tearing “Narrow Path”, weaving syncopated hats and bongos with a growling bassline, and pulsating subs. Bringing a somewhat more menacing sci-fi vibe is “The Second Quiet Place”, a misleading title if there ever was one. “Mind 2 It” is a tense neuro roller driven by an unrelenting ride bell. And “Which Way” sounds like Ram Trilogy did the music for a carnival funhouse.

Trust, if you believe that we need to #MakeNeuroFunkyAgain, then this EP is essential weaponry.

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