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Motion Gang Vol.2 EP SPYNAL019

Motion Gang Vol.2 EP – SPYNAL019

Bandcamp + Juno Download Exclusive – 10th May 2024

Full Release – 17th May 2024

1.        TripZilla & Vox – Underestimated

2.        BradyXK – One Eighty

3.        DJ Direkt – Get It

4.        Dr Gank – Chainsaw Riddim ( Pre order to get early )




Forward Motion is back with Vol.2 of the Motion Gang series, showcasing new and forthcoming talent as well as label residents.


Second time around we have TripZilla making his return with newcomer Vox on production for their track " Underestimated ", TripZ making it known there's no stopping him no matter what you think, He loves proving his haters wrong with Vox providing the right Wubs and skippy drums to drive the message home.


Next up we go back to the dark side and find Brady serving up an " One Eighty ", taking us on a journey full of broken beats, deep drones and punishing subs, honing in on a sound he is becoming known and respected for. There's big things on the horizon for BradyXK.


Next we get Direkt, The Assassin returns with his experimental take on drum and bass and a style all his own. " Get It " is no exception with bellowing basslines under his trademark fusion of layered breaks and chunky kicks and snares. Not for the faint hearted.


And last but not least we welcome newcomer Dr Gank to the Spynal Gang with his monster of a track " Chainsaw Riddim ". And to quote a classic Twisted Individual track, it does exactly what it says on the tin with detailed instructions in the intro preparing you for whats to come which is basslines that literally sound like a massive chainsaw is ripping through the dance. This one is an absolute must have for your record box.


Artwork by Kellee B Design

Mastered By Epicentre Audio Research

Presser by Diligent Fingers


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