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SPYNAL011 Spynal Presents MOTION GANG VOL.1

Juno + Spotify Exclusive 7th Oct 2022

Full Release 14th Oct 2022

Since its 2021 relaunch, the Spynal Records imprint has emerged as one of the most versatile and vital labels in drum-n-bass music. And now, it drops the first in a series of multi-artist EP’s, “Motion Gang, Vol. 1”. Featuring production by Ballistikus, Deazy, DJ Direkt, and label boss Diligent Fingers, it’s an exciting look at both the current state, and future of the label.

Up first is Ballistikus with “Another One”, a minimal number with a distinctive, melodic bassline, giving the tune a catchiness most rollers lack. Punctuated by sped up vocal snippets, some select sparse horns, and a little splash of strings, it has a somewhat ghostly vibe. This is the kind of tune that can easily find a home in a late night liquid set, or at midnight while the MC drops some rapid fire bars.

Like the title implies, Deazy's "Cyclone" is a whirling dervish of a tune. Opening with heavily digitized percussive elements dropping like raindrops, it quickly boils into a full-on neuro roller. Sprinkled on top are little bits of ominous robo-speak, organic drum fills, and subtle rapid fire hats. While the aggression is evident, it is deliciously restrained just enough so that the ravers don’t get ear fatigue...this alien invasion is a party, after all.

Dj Direkt’s “Justice” brings it back to a more minimal, yet no less menacing sonic palette. The woofer-testing bassline underpins apache-break accents, Transformer-esque synth work, and one effectively simple and shouted vocal clip on repeat. This one is sure to rile up the late night stepper crew.

Finally, Dili himself comes through with “Move Me”, another expectation-defying entry to the Spynal catalogue. Starship-funk might best describe this one. A steppy beat, spacey synths, vocoded bass, and vocal snippets help deliver a decidedly cosmic flavor to a tune that proves, yet again, the MC/DJ/Producer extraordinaire’s mastery in balancing experimentation and danceability.

With "Motion Gang, Vol. 1", Spynal Records again effectively stakes its claim to the future of drum-n-bass progression. Building on a rock-solid foundation of dance floor know-how, the label repeatedly goes out of its way to zag when one might expect it to zig, helping it carve out an identity unlike any other.

Presser by The Valiant Writer

Artwork by 87 Design


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