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Big Gen - Olber's Paradox EP SPYNAL020

Full Release 28th June on all platforms.



The eclectic tastes of label owner Diligent Fingers make Spynal Records delightfully unpredictable. While drum-n-bass is the imprint's bread and butter, there's actually something for everyone. This is readily apparent on "Olber's Paradox", the new solo EP from Manchester wordsmith, Big Gen.


Showcasing his range across an array of hip hop styles, Gen's lyrical dexterity is layered over a dreamily melancholic collection of five tunes.


Tao White is on the boards for a pair of syrupy-slow beats that bookend the whole EP, "Black Belt", and "In the Clouds." On "Local Lad", Dili himself comes through with a blunted funhouse vibe, while Gen's fellow Forhidden Prophecies member, Man.Lyk.Ess, pops in for a feature verse.


Komanche brings some cinematic strings atop a crunchy breakbeat on "Ghost Train". And another Forhidden member, Lethrgk, makes it a family affair with his production on "Tripping Out". All the while, Big Gen himself displays a skilful delivery that fits neatly over every beat with aplomb.


His Mancunian accent neatly gift wraps a package of introspection, hallucinations, and braggadocio, and truly lets the listener into his "overactive mind". 

Written and Performed by Big Gen

Tracks 1 & 5 produced by Tao White

Track 2 produced by Diligent Fingers

Track 3 produced by Komanche

Track 4 produced by Lethrgk

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Diligent Fingers at Forward Studio.


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