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Full Music Video, Single Released - 3rd JUNE 2022

When Diligent Fingers relaunched Spynal Records in June of 2021, it was a reimagining of a previously lesser known platform on which to release some of his own music.

To do so, he did something that he had never done before: he made the label his main priority. One year in, the results speak for themselves. Spynal is now a destination imprint, highly eclectic in its approach, and unrelenting in its pursuit of quality. It's only fitting then, that Dili celebrates the first anniversary of the label's reboot by properly releasing "Everything Nice", a song for which he's become well known over the past couple of years.

Originally released strictly as a music video, the song sees Dili flex both his production and lyrical skills. Opening with a dreamy intro that would be right at home in an early 2000's hip hop club jam, in comes a steppy beat defined by a satisfyingly crisp snare. His copious bars are then laid upon a juicy roller with just a splash of neuro rave goodness, sounding like 12:30 am at the rave, when the night is just starting to really heat up.

Diligent Fingers and Spynal Records are proud to give this bumpin' tune its proper due spotlight. And if this past year is any indication, Spynal's ascent to the drum-n-bass pinnacle is off to a blazing start.

Mastering by Epicentre Audio Research Artwork by Kellee Blac ( Eighty Seven Design ) Presser by The Valiant Writer


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