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Diligent Fingers - Summer Rain - Free Download SPYNALFD003

Diligent Fingers is back with another free download.

Touching on memories of relationships tainted by lack of trust, insecurities, cheating and manipulation.



Never thought we’d end up so distant

Sick and tired of dancing around the issue

Here’s to hoping we were really going the distance

Caught up in tunnel vision just wouldn’t listen

Too many walls to break down

The real effort was so one sided

At least I know how much I’ll take now

Won’t even give you a second chance to deny it

I know you’re lying/

Still on a level I wish you’d level with me

Coz on the surface you know we didn’t deserve it but still you just wouldn’t let go and let it fester in me

Fuel for the furness all I wanna do is burn it to a crisp

never asked you to ever settle for me 

You had your options I had no power stop em guess you never found that jealousy ever present in me

Severed connections never intended to keep/

Still on reflection the pain was buried so deep

Another lesson I never pressured to teach

Hidden protection your weapons could never breach

If it wasn’t for affection your section id never reach

Manipulating your speech 

You kept on pressing I never left with defeat

Coz others blessings I never left you to seek

Found out your settings were never setup for me had me starting on a level I’m never meant to complete/

I was never meant to compete with these figures from your past that you never mentioned to me

I couldn’t settle with ever letting you creep still jarring to my mind that you ever felt it could be

I had to fight i was never setup to flee

Plus your lie dem couldn’t hide it to get the better of me

Sizing me up to standards I’ll never meet

You tried it but your efforts couldn’t get the measure of me


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