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Juno Download + Spotify Exclusive 5th Aug 22

Full Release 12th Aug 22

Previews - Soundcloud

Since the relaunch of Spynal Records in 2021, label boss and mad scientist Diligent Fingers has maniacally unleashed a stream of releases that defy expectations. In some cases, genre itself is unclear, and tunes have been paired that seemingly don't have any business together. This has been by design, all done in the name of musical passion. If Spynal were to have a single, unifying ethos, it might be "fuck your rules", lest it descend into stagnation. But, Dili is a man who loves how just the right tune can make a dance floor split apart at the seams and give way to pure bedlam. That spirit is what fuelled this latest Spynal release . From newcomer Medicine, "Call That Rewind/Keep the Fire", are a pair of dirty rollers on a similar mission: to burn the rave to the ground.

True to form, the intro for "Call That Rewind" throws some reggae into a blender with some foreboding futurism for delightfully tense build up. The drop, however, has different ideas. Over a slapping stepper beat, bass drops falling into a staccato, distorted Reese, yield to synthy stabs that echo the foghorn aesthetic in the best way possible. Sprinkled on top are liberal helpings of ravey whooshes and blips, punctuated by slabs of Dili's own voice. After all, why sample someone else when the label chief's baritone reigns supreme? "Keep the Fire" starts off strictly on the low-key dystopian tip, with slices of ragga vocal strategically placed to echo the title. A filthy, gritty bass line, underscored by some pulsing subs, keep this one going at a steady pace, sure to leave a trail of bass faces and cries of "faaack off!!" in its wake. Medicine has done himself, and the label, proud with these.

Spynal Records comes at you with some true weaponry. DJ's will no doubt find these tunes fit quite nicely in their arsenal, and will be well served to save them for when the ravers are most vulnerable. Grab this release and deploy its wares with no mercy. Sleep on it at your peril.


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