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As 2021 draws to a close, Diligent Fingers continues to present to the unsuspecting public his eclectic production persona via his Spynal Records imprint. “Protocol/Steal Your Touch” is the label’s sixth release of the year, and further proof that Dili just might be one of the most versatile producers in the business. As hinted at by the 1980’s-era science fiction/action film vibe of the artwork, the label’s sixth release has a sonic palette to match.

On the A-Side, “Protocol” opens with eerie, sci-fi tension complete with robot voice samples, before tumbling into an unexpectedly upbeat jump up roller. The tune’s array of sound effects, bass, and synths sound like a rave as seen through the eyes of James Cameron. If you’re not cosplaying to this tune, you’re doing it wrong. “Steal Your Touch” features sped up vocal samples, soulful strings, and vibraphone that contrast delectably with a dark, grinding synth whine. Meanwhile the bass periodically jumps from bubbly to dark, while the drums occasionally pipe up with bits of distorted amen chops. Is neuro-liquid a thing? It might be now.

Diligent Fingers continues to take adventurous sojourns, combining elements that, on paper, seem like they might clash. Yet, he uses that dissonance as yet another tool to summon harmony and soul from the speakers. Through Spynal Records, “Protocol/Steal Your Touch” is yet another tile in the unique musical mosaic that Dili continues to piece together.


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