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Diligent Fingers Spynal Boss Featured In UKF.

With roots in hip-hop and D&B going back almost 20 years, Diligent Fingers has such a sprawling musical CV, even those who follow him closely have a hard time keeping up.

DJ, producer, MC, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, label owner… Whether you’ve known him since his days as Mr Bugg or MC Logic, or you’re only just starting to tune in now via his regular Twitch broadcasts, his releases on labels such as Dark Mode, Born On Road, Shadow Demon Coalition or his own Spynal Records or appearances on big albums like Rowney’s Defining Moments, K Jah’s Raver’s Delight and DJ Hybrid’s Diary Of A Jungalist, he’s one of those artists who still have that energy and vibe like they’re only just warming up even after such a long tenure in the game.

In some ways, he is. The last year has been his most prolific to date, his label has had a major reboot and he’s neck deep in releases. Out right now is Wah You Deh Pon with fellow Manny artists Shadre & Salvage and, over the next few months, he’s dropping major league science on labels like Dread, Natty Dub, Grid and beyond. Putting the digits into digital, we tapped up the Spynal bossman for a little forward motion…


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