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Hailing from Manchester with nearly 20 years of experience in the music industry, he has gone from playing at free raves to hosting and performing at countless events across the UK and Europe. From working with many big names within DNB and Hip Hop scene such as Trigga, Genesis Elijah, Hazard, Audio, Prolix, Current Value, Liz E, Indika, DJ Hybrid, Saxxon, Kenny Ken and many more, he is an important part of Bloc2Bloc Entertainment’s foundation.

With releases on labels such as Millennium Jazz Music, Abnoxshuz Entertainment, G13 Records, Audio Addict, Nuusic Music, Juicy Fruit Recordings, Subwoofah Records, Run Tingz Recordings, Liquid Lab, Short Circuit Records, Grid Recordings, Deep In The Jungle, Fokuz Recordings, Born On Road, Southpoint, Bagged And Tagged and many more to come in the future, we focus on his next release out on September the 3rd, and to find out more.... READ HERE


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