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Fresh off the release of his Debut EKIDEN EP, alongside his friend and collaborator R4NS0M,

BradyXK hits us with a special promo mix for the EP and kicking off the first of the Spynal Records Artist Mix series.

Exclusive on Juno Download ( and Bandcamp ( until Friday, then available on all major digital platforms after that.

Also R4NS0M put together some fun facts about the release and their friendship.

"A few things to mention & celebrate:

This is BradyXK's first full release

We named it 'Ekiden' after a long-distance relay race in Japan; we're based 3k miles apart, and I often feel collaborations have a relay "pass the baton" aspect to them.

"Which Way" is BradyXK's first ever collaboration. We to linked up by mutual friends a few years ago, and last year while chatting he mentioned he's never done a collab, so I sent him some sketches, and pretty quickly after he had "Which Way" written. It was John B's certified banger on one of his demo streams.

"Narrow Path" originally started as a sketch I called DC Nostalgia, as it was sounding like Sinthetix / Rob F & Impulse vibes to me, I sent to Brady to see what he thought of it. Immediately his imagination was sparked and he asked to work on it, and pretty quickly we had this one running. The title is a reference to ATCQ's Phife stating “I sport New Balance sneakers to avoid a narrow path” in “Buggin’ Out”. And if you were in the DC area in the 90s, several of the music scenes seemed to gravitate towards wearing NB. I got my first pair in ‘97, some dark gray 801s, but it was common to see the 574s in a wide range of colorways, as well as the 998s in gray. Brady crunched up the drums quite a bit, made the bass beefier, and added that drum fill. At this point anything I could add was probably best by suggestion, and I suggested that line from Buggin’ Out. That’s when DC nostalgia took a double meaning for me.

"Mind 2 It" was a wonky experiment for me. Originally called "Concentrate", I came up with the final title because I like trying to incorporate numbers in to titles, and just thinking about the original title I thought "concentrate... put your mind to it". "

Produced and Mixed by BradyXK & R4NS0M

Mastering by Epicentre Audio Research

Presser by The Valiant Writer

Artwork by Diligent Fingers


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