Diligent Fingers & Spynal Records Patreon Now Available to Join.

Join Here - https://www.patreon.com/DiligentFingers

Diligent Fingers and Spynal Records are happy to announce the official Patreon is now available to join. Dili has been working hard to make sure on launch there will be plenty of content for everyone to sink their teeth into and have fun. And as the months go on this will be come great value for any new subscribers.

If you join now you will get over 10 tracks, 3 exclusive to Patreon and the rest are Spynal Records released music at a discount. My first vocal sample pack and mini Bass Sounds sample with Bass Loops, Drum Loops and a new mini vocal pack coming over the next few months.

Future content will include Track Breakdowns a month before posted to YouTube, Plugin Breakdowns as well as all the perks depending on which tier you choose.

As more Patreons subscribe, Dili will be doing monthly track feedback and live production sessions and DJ sets playing your tracks. Dili will also send out clips of the set for Patreons to post on their socials to help promote your productions.

We want this to become our job where we are truly working For the supporters but able to be creative and try new things which you cant always do with mainstream labels.

All donations made will go back into the studio, label and improving the content we make for you, the supporters.

Please check out the tiers and consider subscribing. https://www.patreon.com/DiligentFingers